We specialize in providing gutter cleaning services and comprehensive building maintenance services in Etobicoke. Your house needs regular care and washing. If you are tired of wasting time and risking your health, climbing under the roof each time to purge the gutters, leave these chores to professionals!


We carry out all types of house maintenance work and put your building in perfect order in just one visit! Our team is well-trained specialists who constantly improve their skills and know exactly how to make the waterspout system work correctly.


We clean out all rubbish and dirt even in the most inaccessible places, in which the owner of the house usually does not even look. In our work, we use extremely safe and environmentally friendly products for washing and protecting surfaces from moisture.

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    Gutters and eaves perform an important function of the correct distribution of rainwater flows, thereby protecting the foundation, roof and walls from the accumulation of water. Uncontrolled or improperly directed rain flows become a serious problem and pose a threat to your home. If there is a malfunction in the downspout system, water seeps into the base of the walls, supports, roof and even the foundation, destroys the integrity of the structure and ultimately leads to the weakening and destruction of the supporting structures and the shift of the foundation.

    Another problem homeowners in Etobicoke often face is flooding the basement during the rainy season. Such a nuisance also occurs when there is a malfunction in the downspout system and can cause many problems if it is not repaired on time. A timely purge of gutters and eaves, and checking all pipes for integrity can not only save you from trouble in the fall, winter and spring, but also significantly save money on the repair of the whole house.

    Overhaul of the basement, foundation or significant surface damages will cost you at least several thousand dollars. It is unlikely that you expect to spend such amounts annually. Therefore, we recommend regular purge and tech support of drain pipes at an attractive cost. Moreover, we offer a 20% discount for all new customers! To get the first service at a promotional price, simply fill out the form below.


    Most homeowners take a professional approach when it comes to servicing their home. Why? Purge gutters at high altitude is a rather complicated job, which is also unsafe. Being under the very roof of your house and trying to remove heavy impurities in the pipes, you risk serious injury. Such a risk does not justify itself at all — because you can use the services of a professional team. All our employees are insured and undergo special training and advanced training annually. For each employee, we conduct drainage pipe maintenance skills testing.

    Our team removes 100% of dirt and various types of garbage in just one visit, so for you this is a great solution that eliminates unnecessary trouble. It is unlikely that you are able to cope with so much work in just 1 day on your own. And be sure — we will show a result that will exceed your expectations! After all, we pay attention to the smallest little things and remove all pollution even in hard-to-reach places. In addition, you will receive washing services for the external coatings and pipe surfaces of your building — so that your home shines like a new one!

    Say no to hard work and amateur gutter washing that doesn’t solve the problem! Save time and entrust home service to our company!




      We offer comprehensive home care from a team of professionals:

      • Purge pipes, eaves, gutters and fascias. Cleaning pipes of all types of debris, including dirt, organic and inorganic waste, leaves, resins, wood, etc.
      • Cleaning the drainage system from construction waste. After repair, the gutter system of the house requires additional inspection for damage, as well as the elimination of construction waste.
      • Checking the functionality of the pipes. Diagnosis of the current condition of pipes allows determining at what places of the system there are breakdowns and quickly troubleshoot.
      • Repair eavestrough of varying complexity. Our experts eliminate breakdowns in the drainpipe system, replace worn parts and restore all the functions of the waterspout system.
      • Elimination of stagnant water. Pipe purging and the removal of pipes clogging eliminate standing water in the downspout system.
      • Washing exterior surfaces. Careful removal of dirt, stains, smudges, and stains on the walls, roof, as well as on the external and internal windows of the building.


      • Our team will do the dirtiest work.
      • Eliminate the risk of mold.
      • We save your time and effort.
      • We take care of the all cleaning and washing tasks.
      • You get comprehensive home care in one visit.


      Our team arrives at any day convenient for you for a comprehensive purge of the drainpipe system. The owner does not have to be present when cleaning, we can do all the work even when you are away from home, without distracting you from the work schedule. We guarantee excellent result and complete washing of all pipes and always provide reports with photographic materials before and after work. So you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality service.

      Our team will quickly carry out a complete purge of pipes, gutters, eaves, and fascias, eliminate pollution in all hard-to-reach areas and wash the external surfaces of the downspout system to shine. You can also order services for washing exterior surfaces and windows — our team will perform all these services in 1 day! We will check the condition of each pipe of the waterspout system and, if necessary, quickly eliminate the malfunctions. Our employees process all problem areas with special tools that prevent moisture from entering and protect the surface of your building.


      Since it is necessary to carry out tech support of your home regularly twice a year, we offer a turnkey solution — scheduled annual maintenance. Signing an annual technical support contract saves the landlord the hassle of organizing annual cleaning of the waterspout system.

      You set convenient dates and times once a year, and our employees will take care of timely and high — quality fulfillment of obligations. We ourselves remind of the scheduled purge, carry out tech support and provide detailed reports on the work done. You make a decision once and save yourself from any trouble!