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A job such as Window Cleaning in Richmond hill is popular for many reasons. Cleaning glass surfaces from dirt in your home is not an easy task, which should nevertheless be carried out regularly. As the owner of the house, you sincerely want to put your home in order, but you can hardly provide a sparkling view of all the windows yourself.


After all, washing glass surfaces does not mean just taking a napkin with detergent and wiping the surface, this is a whole range of jobs that has certain risks of injury. Why climb the stairs and take risks when you can order comprehensive technical support of building from a team of professionals?


With window cleaning staff you can forget about exhausting stuff that does not bring results. Our staff will do the job for you at the highest level, so you no longer need to worry. Just fill out the online form below and get a 20% discount on your first visit — we will make your house clean like never before!

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    How we provide service

    You leave a request on the site, our manager contacts you and conducts a free assessment. You set a convenient time and date for our staff to perform comprehensive technical support and window washing. As a new customer, you get a discount from our company on your first visit.

    On the appointed day, our brigade arrives at the facility and carries out all the necessary jobs in one visit. It is simple, convenient, and can significantly save your time and effort! You will protect yourself from any risks, and the building will shine with purity for longer. If you want to receive a wash of external surfaces in your absence, we will provide a detailed photo report on the work done. Our employees will take photos before and after so that you can appreciate the difference with your own eyes and see the quality of our efforts.

    We use professional tools and tools that protect the surfaces of your building from repeated pollution and dirt buildup. So you can forget about gray glasses and dirty stains — you will see the building in a new look!

    Is it important to clean glass surfaces in a home?

    A dirty glass surface is not only a matter of visual appeal. It is also your health. Glasses serve as a barrier to many harmful substances that enter the house from the street. These substances include various gases, heavy metals, and microparticles with soot, asphalt, car tires, dust, and pollen. All these substances settle on the surface of glasses on both sides and can cause a deterioration in the well-being of the inhabitants of the house.

    In addition, moist and dirt are the ideal environment for the development of mold spores. If you do not prevent severe pollution of glass surfaces, getting rid of mold in the building will not be an easy task.

    Professional window cleaning provides clean air and a healthy living environment. It is unlikely that you want to neglect your health.

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      Why you should order Window Cleaning Richmond hill

      There is no such task that our brigade would not cope with. We clean glass surfaces in homes, commercial buildings and industrial facilities, so you can count on quality service.

      Professional home service is very different from your own attempts to put the house in order.

      We offer a number of advanced options that make our cooperation even more convenient and efficient:

      1. 100% dirt removal.

      When our staff takes on the case, no trace of dirt remains on the surface. We pay attention to the smallest details and wash not only glass surfaces but also sills, slopes, edging, frames, handles, and plastic panels.

      1.  Experienced workers.

      All members of our team undergo special training and safety briefing. We use special equipment for efficient and safe operation. All our employees are fully bonded and insured.

      1. Convenient schedule.

      You do not need to adjust your work schedule to get window cleaning services. We will do all the job in a day and time convenient for you so that you do not break away from everyday affairs.

      1. Comprehensive tech support.

      You get all the necessary types of work to bring your home in order from an experienced team. We will provide quality service and solve all the problems in your building in just a few hours.

      Why customers choose us

      There are companies that care about earnings, and there are those that care about customers. And there is a big difference. We take a customer-oriented approach and provide different types of high-quality technical support of the house, as well as attractive conditions for cooperation:

      • Flexible budget.

      Depending on your needs and the amount of work, we will select the best price offer.

      • Guaranteed satisfied customers.

      We will do everything to satisfy customer requirements, therefore we carry out all types of maintenance work.

      •  All jobs in 1 visit.

      Regardless of the complexity of the washing, we will perform all types of tech support in 1 visit. You no longer need to worry about the general cleaning of the building.

      • Eco-friendly products.

      As a window cleaning company, we consider it our duty to care for the environment. Our team uses only natural cleaning products.

      •  Security.

      Each of our employees is insured, we take care of security measures and protect our team from any risks.

      •  Save time.

      A brigade of professionals in just one day will do the work, which will take you at least a week. Why waste your time?

       To schedule your first visit today, just fill out the form below.

      Regular Maintenance Plans

       Washing glass surfaces is a job that needs to be done regularly. Only in this way, you will get the desired effect, and you can ensure absolute cleanliness in your home. If you want to save your time as much as possible, take the opportunity of a regular maintenance plan.

      Such a plan allows you to build an optimal schedule for visiting our brigade at a convenient time for you throughout the year, six months or any other period. You approve the schedule of visits, and our team will take care of the rest. We ourselves will remind you of the next visit and will do all the stuff on time.

      This service completely frees you from the hassle of maintaining your home — we will provide all the necessary types of tech support at an attractive price.

      If you are looking for a reliable contractor with comfortable conditions of cooperation among window cleaning companies in Richmond Hill, our team will make you an advantageous offer!

      Contact us to get the best deal!

      We want to reward you for your attention to our company and offer a 20% discount on the first-time visit. The discount applies to all types of our services and includes washing glass, exterior surfaces of the house, as well as eavestrough cleaning in Richmond hill and other types of technical support of the building.

      Fill out the online form to receive a free calculation of the cost of technical support for your home today!

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