If you are looking for a professional team for quality downspout maintenance, you are on the right track!


Dr. Shine Windows offers a complete cleaning service of surface water collection channels and eaves in one visit in Mississauga. Cooperating with us, you get comprehensive service and eaves polished to a shine.


We remove garbage and pollution even in hard-to-reach places and use professional, environmentally friendly products.


Take care of the safety of their homes now — order cleaning drain pipes and eaves, and eliminate any risks and hard work, which owners of the house do not usually want to do.

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    Eavestrough cleaning Mississauga


     Drainpipes are the “vessels” of a house that “pump” rainwater in the right direction. The downspout system has an important protective function for your building, because if it malfunctions, moisture collects between the protrusions, in the downspouts, under the roof and other problem areas. Why is humidity accumulation dangerous for the home? Water flows that are not controlled by drainage pipes cause quick and destructive corrosion processes on walls, roofs and other parts of the house. You probably know how strong streams of water can sweep everything in its path. The same thing happens with your home when the downspouts are malfunctioning.

    Uncontrolled moisture seeps into the house finish, destroys it and leads to the emergency state of the building. You can see wet smudges on the walls and under the roof, which then turn into cracks that change the load distribution on the footing, as a result of which the base of the house is shifted. Another common problem during the rainy season is the strong flooding of the basement, which also occurs due to a malfunction or clogging of the drainpipes.

    Repairing after such serious damage will require at least several thousand dollars from your budget, and restoring the foundation is not a quick and difficult job. Therefore, we recommend carrying out preventive cleaning and checking the condition of eavestrough twice a year: before and after the onset of the winter season.


     Comprehensive cleaning of the drainpipe system is a job for a specially trained brigade. We do not recommend homeowners attempting to clean their eaves and drainpipes on their own, as this can be dangerous. Cleaning pipes at high altitudes is a risk of personal injury. Saving on professional services is not worth your health. Each of our employees undergo special training, instruction, and safety testing. Entrusting the maintenance of your building to us, you use the services of a skilled and insured team.

    Our employees know how to properly and quickly tidy up the drainpipe system, check the serviceability of all pipes and eliminate 100% of debris from the drainage system. Every year, our employees take additional classes to improve their skills and use new cleaning technologies.

    We offer comprehensive cleaning of pipes and the external surfaces of the house for 1 visit, and also provide reports on the work done, so that you can be sure of the high quality of our services. Refuse the grueling and dangerous work of washing the downspout system — entrust this matter to Dr. Shine Windows!

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       The range of services for the maintenance of houses from Dr. Shine Windows includes:

      •  Cleaning cornices and gutters. The main type of work to eliminate stagnation of water in the drainage system. Pipes are cleaned manually to monitor and inspect the condition of the downspout system.
      • Elimination of construction debris in pipes. After construction and roof repairs, the drainage system requires thorough cleaning. We remove all types of pipe clogging and restore the proper functioning of drainage channels.
      •  Pipe integrity diagnostics and repair work. We determine the general condition of the drainage system and check the pipes for damage using the direction of water flow under pressure. If necessary, we repair pipes of any complexity.
      • Washing the exterior. The exterior surfaces of a house can significantly degrade their appearance in one season. We carry out washing of walls, roofs, windows and other surfaces with special agents. You will see your house in a new look!
      •  Elimination of heavy pollution. Each house has places that are especially difficult to reach. These are the surfaces between the wall and the eaves, under the pipes, under the roof, etc. Such places require special attention, as they become the environment for the development of harmful bacteria and mold.
      •  Blowing water in the pipes. If you notice that the water does not pass through the pipes — this is the number 1 reason for calling a professional team. Stagnant water can leak into walls, damage pipes, or even may cause the destruction of the entire waterspout system.


       The hardest work we do.

      • You do not need to climb to a great height and do the dirtiest kind of work.

       No mold.

      • After cleaning, all surfaces are treated with special products that prevent the development of mold.

      Time saving.

      • Our team does all the work in one day. Agree that alone you will need much more time to completely clean the drainage system.

       No worries.

      • Your presence during the work is not necessary, so you can schedule a drainpipe cleaning at any convenient day.

      Comprehensive service.

      • We offer a wide range of types of home maintenance work, so that you can immediately solve all the problems in one visit.



      It is necessary to carry out cleaning of the downspout system at least twice a year, therefore we offer a comprehensive solution — scheduled annual maintenance. With the annual plan, you do not need to call a brigade to clean the pipes each time. We set the date of the visit, coordinate it with you and independently control the entire process. You get a regular cleaning, detailed reports of the work done and lack of worries about building maintenance!

      Popular Questions

      ⭐ How many people will come to clean my eavestrough?

      The cleaning crew will consist of one or two people depending on the scope of work, size of your house etc.

      ⭐ Do I have to be present for a cleaning?

      Only if you order interior windows cleaning.

      ⭐ How long will it take to clean my eavestrough?

      It strongly depends on the size of your house and the level of dirtiness.

      ⭐ How to contact them?

      You can call +1 647 562 7585 or write in the feedback form