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Did you know that Window Cleaning Oakville is in high demand in your city? More and more people see home maintenance efforts as wasted time. Indeed, it is very difficult to achieve good results in removing dirt yourself, and if you work at high altitude, such efforts are completely dangerous to health.


It is unlikely that you use safety cables or climbing equipment to reach the upper floors — but it would be worth it, because falling even from the height of the second floor can cause serious injuries. Are transparent glasses worth it? And are you doing everything right?


We suggest you forget about the stupid ritual with a ladder, a sponge, and products of dubious origin. You deserve the best. And your home, to be honest, too. A new home tech support ritual can be much more enjoyable. All you have to do is fill out the form on this page and give us the opportunity to show us how glass washing should actually go.

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    Window cleaning Oakville

    Why should order window cleaning services regularly

    It is no secret that glass acts as a protective barrier against the penetration of tiny particles of dust, dirt, pollen, and carcinogens into the house, which are an integral attribute of urban life. All these substances accumulate on the surface of the glass on both sides, because when you open the windows, the wind blows microparticles into the house, and they settle around the glass.

    Together with dirt, tiny specks of dust penetrate the air you breathe. The dirtier the glass, the more harmful substances are contained on their surface. This directly affects the air quality in your home. Moreover, if among family members there are people with hypersensitivity or a tendency to allergic reactions.

    When carcinogenic particles enter the lungs, this can cause the development of serious pathologies. Therefore, it is extremely important to regularly and thoroughly wash glass surfaces, preventing the accumulation of dirt. And our team will help you with this.

    Process of window cleaning in Oakville

     Contact us, and the manager will make an individual offer taking into account all the wishes, scope and types of services. You will set a convenient date when our team can begin maintenance at home. We work on a six-day schedule, so you will have the opportunity to schedule a visit at any convenient time.

    If you require washing exclusively outdoor surfaces, the owner does not even have to be present when performing work. For customers who want to save their time without involvement in the glass washing process, we offer technical support without the presence of the building owner.

    Our employees will take care of the appearance of your home and prepare a detailed report on the work done. We will provide many photos and video materials captured before and after washing the glass, so you will see the result as if you yourself were at home. All parts of the casements, including sills, slopes, frames, systems of locks and handles will shine like new. Your glasses will become transparent as on the first day after installation!

    Window cleaning in Oakville


      Benefits of professional window cleaning

      Doing home service on your own or ordering company services? The choice is yours. And we suggest you evaluate the benefits that you get with professional technical support.

      1. Give up dirty work.

      Whatever the size of the building, trying to tidy it up alone is no easy task. The company will help you avoid the hassle and can eliminate dirt even in advanced cases.

      1. The quality of the result.

      The work will be performed by a specially trained window cleaning staff so that you get the appropriate level of quality. No matter how hard you try and no matter how great washing skills you have, your efforts cannot be compared with the technical support of an entire team — this is a fact.

      1. The speed of maintenance.

      Depending on the amount of work, you will be provided with a team of 2-6 people. There is no need to stretch the exhausting job for a whole week. You simply call the brigade and on the same day you see the result.

      1. A large building is not a problem.

      When it comes to washing glasses at high heights, there can be no talk of an independent solution to this issue. Do not expose yourself to vain danger when you can use the services of specially trained workers.

      1. The schedule is up to you.

      Planning home technical support is much easier when you can call a team at any time. Do not neglect this opportunity.

      With us you get privileges

      Not all window cleaning companies in Oakville provide the same level of service. Therefore, we recommend that you treat your choice with extreme care. Cooperating with us, you can count on many benefits:

      1. We place an order within your budget.

      We select the optimal set of services at an affordable price, taking into account the available budget. You will receive an offer that is difficult to refuse.

      1. Guaranteed customer satisfaction is our priority.

      This means that your assessment is the main criterion for the success of our team. And if you give us a rating worse than «excellent», we will return and re-clean the glasses — for free!

      1. We solve any problems in 1 visit.

      All types of house tinning and glass washing services will be performed in 1 visit. We stipulate the scope of work in advance and send you the best specialists to complete the task.

      1. We care about the health of the client and the environment.

      Our arsenal of tools and products consists of environmentally friendly products that are absolutely safe for health because they consist of natural components.

      1. Save every minute of your time.

      If you are too busy to be present when performing house maintenance, this is not a problem. Our team will eliminate all types of pollution in your absence. You will get a tidy house and reporting photos, videos.

      Regular maintenance plan

      Glass and wall washing is a type of technical support that your building requires quite often. It is recommended to maintain the glass at least once every few months or more often (during the rainy season). Many customers choose the most convenient way to automate this process for half a year or even a year in advance — by ordering scheduled regular maintenance.

      This is a convenient and profitable way for those who do not want to call a brigade every time. We simply agree on dates convenient for you and the frequency of visits, thereby freeing you from the organizational hassle. Our window cleaning company is responsible for reminding and timely execution of work, and you only evaluate the results and enjoy the neatness of the house. A regular tech support plan may include not only glass and wall washing, but also eavestrough cleaning in Oakville and other services of our company.

      Choose the benefits!

      You have the opportunity to become a participant in the campaign for new customers. Just fill out the form below and get a 20% discount on your first visit! This discount applies to all types of technical support.

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