Every homeowner regularly spends time on technical service and purge drain pipes. This is an obligation that you can’t just refuse if you want to live in a beautiful and healthy building. We suggest delegating the most unpleasant work of cleaning gutters and downspouts to the experienced Dr. Shine Windows team. Our company offers a full range of cleaning, washing, and repair of the drainage system in one visit in Scarborough.


You can entrust us with any kind of building maintenance work — our team not only cleans the gutters, but also checks the condition of each pipe, and provides services for washing the exterior of the building. We specialize in the removal of heavy dirt and debris, and we bring any home in a truly brilliant look! Regardless of the size of the building and the complexity of its maintenance, you can count on 100% elimination of any problems of the downspout system!

Provide the hassle of caring for your building with an experienced Dr. Shine Windows team and get a discount on your first visit! To receive service at a promotional price, fill out the form below.

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    The drainage system of any house has an important function — collecting and diverting rainwater flows away from the building structure. Eaves and gutters protect your home from the damaging effects of powerful water flows. When gutters are clogged with debris, dirt, leaves and other waste, stagnation occurs in the pipes and water overflows over the edges. In such a situation, pipe purge is immediately required, as water seeps into the house and destroys the roof, walls, and base of the building. Wet smudges provoke cracks in the structure, which leads to improper distribution of the load on the supporting structures and, as a result, to the displacement of the foundation. Such destruction is very dangerous and can lead the house into disrepair.

    In addition, the development of mold and harmful bacteria is often a problem associated with a malfunction of the drainage system. Leaves and other organic waste often contain mold cells, which begin to grow rapidly when moisture is added. So mold quickly grows in the external and internal surfaces of the house and becomes the cause of many diseases. An equally common building problem in Scarborough is basement flooding, which is also due to improper rainwater distribution. Flooding the basement is dangerous for the integrity of the foundation of the house, so this problem should be given special attention.

    All of the above risks can be avoided. To do this, it is necessary to purge the drain system at least twice a year before and after the onset of the winter. This will allow you not only to prevent serious breakdowns in the downspouts and the building structure but also significantly save the money that can be spent on restoring the house and the site after flooding.


    You set a convenient date when our team can perform the necessary washing work of the downspouts and the exterior of the building. On the appointed day, our team puts your house and gutter system in order for 1 thorough visit. We do not intend to take more of your time than necessary, so we can do the work in your absence. You will be able to verify the quality performance of all work — we always provide “before” and “after” photo reports.

    Our team begins by cleaning up garbage in gutters, eavestrough, and pipes, then we check the condition of the downspout system and, if necessary, carry out repairs. The final stage of work is the washing of walls, windows and external surfaces of gutters from pollution. As a result, you get a brightly shining building in just 1 day! We know how much time and energy homeowners spend on self-cleaning garbage at high heights and washing the walls of a house.

    Such efforts are not worth the risks that arise when trying to tidy eaves under the roof itself. You need to be very careful and have the knowledge and skills to effectively and safely purge pipes. It is these skills that our employees possess, who annually take advanced training courses in pipe purge techniques. Each of our employees is prepared and insured, so you can be sure of an excellent result. To wash the walls of buildings, we use environmentally friendly, proven products that prevent moisture from entering the surface of the house.

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      We offer a range of services for technical support of houses and buildings for various purposes:

      • Purge eavestrough and downspouts. Regular cleaning of the downspout system is necessary to support the correct direction of rainwater flows.
      • Removing construction waste from pipes. After repairs on the roof or external walls, the downspouts are full of debris that interferes with the natural outflow of rainwater. In such cases, a thorough inspection and removing construction waste from downspouts is necessary.
      • Checking the condition of the pipes. We recommend that you always check the condition of the pipes before the start of the rainy season in order to avoid problems with the flow and leakage of moisture into the house.
      • Repair and replacement of drain pipes. If necessary, our employees carry out any kind of repair and replacement of gutters and pipes.
      • Washing services for external surfaces. If the appearance of your walls is noticeably spoiled by smudges, dirty spots and stains, we can fix it! Our team copes with pollution of any complexity. Your house will shine, as if after a fresh repair!
      • Washing dirt in hard-to-reach areas. There are places in your building that are especially difficult to get close to. Usually, the owners of the house simply ignore them. It is in such areas that most dirt, debris, and toxic microorganisms accumulate. Let us completely wash such areas using special products.
      • Elimination of standing water in pipes. Stagnant water significantly increases the weight of the pipes, especially in winter, when the water freezes. Such parts can break at any time and cause not only material damage but also threaten the health of residents of the house. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate standing water before the onset of the cold season.


      • We do the dirtiest and most difficult work for you.
      • Our team saves your time — the owner does not have to be present when servicing the house.
      • We protect your home from mold and damage.
      • Our company provides a full range of building technical support services in just 1 day.


      Since all houses need regular technical support at least twice a year, we offer a planned service option with which you can save even more of your time!

      An annual plan means that you don’t have to set dates and regularly call a team of workers to purge the building’s downspout system. You set service dates once a year, and we take care of all the troubles. We ourselves will remind you of the next date of work and on the appointed day we will purge the drain pipes even without your presence.

      With scheduled maintenance, your home will always be in order and you no longer need to take care of it!

      Most of our customers choose this turnkey solution because it is the simplest and most effective.

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