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The window cleaning Mississauga service is very popular among our customers for many reasons. If you get tired of trying to cope with the dirt and dust on the indoor and outdoor surfaces of the house, you know what it is about. Like any owner of the building, you feel responsible for his well-being and acceptable appearance. But no matter what the size of your house, caring for it alone is a real problem. To clean all glass surfaces, to check the roof and drain pipes, to wipe dried up dirt from walls and inaccessible places can be a difficult task.


In addition, most of the work you are forced to perform at a great height, risking your health. You cannot do this work yourself regularly, and you cannot refuse it, because then a real disaster awaits your house.

The solution we offer saves you all the hassle once and for all — use our comprehensive home maintenance service and forget about dirty windows!


With us you get many benefits that you can test today and get a 20% discount on our first visit. Just fill out the form and we will promptly contact you.

Get a 20% discount for first cleaning


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    Window cleaning Mississauga

    What is technical support from our team?

    Our window cleaning staff specializes in providing a range of home maintenance services. With our help, you will get the complete elimination of dirt and dust on surfaces in one thorough visit.

    The team will arrive at your home on the appointed day. We work for you 6 days a week, so you can choose a convenient time and date, and our workers will take care of the rest.

    If you are too busy to be present when performing a set of jobs, we will be able to bring the exterior surfaces of the building in perfect shape even in your absence. We take into account all the wishes of the client and pay attention to the smallest details. Be sure that every glass, sill, frame, and slope will shine. In our work, we use special tools and water-repellent products that protect your walls and glass from re-contamination for a longer period.

    You will be able to evaluate the stuff done on the photo and video reports in the format “before” and “after”, which our brigade will prepare for you.

    If you are looking for quality window cleaning in Mississauga, you’re on the right track! Our professional staff will make your home shine, like a new one!

    Take advantage of the discount for new customers

    If this is your first time ordering the services of our company, we want to do a little more for mutual trust. We offer you a 20% discount, which is valid for all new customers. You get the opportunity to evaluate our job and get technical support at a bargain price. Let’s start cooperation today!

    Just fill out the application below to book a convenient date for the first visit of our brigade. Our specialist will make an individual estimate and offer the most optimal range of services for your building. We guarantee that we will find the best solution within your budget!

    Window cleaning service in Mississauga


      Why is it profitable to entrust building maintenance to professionals?

      People who once ordered professional home maintenance never return to the ritual of climbing stairs with a wet sponge. In addition, there are objective reasons and benefits that you cannot provide on your own.

      1. Elimination of pollution of any complexity.

      We provide technical support of buildings and houses of any type and achieve complete removal of dirt. If you can’t reach hard-to-reach places in your house or the glass is too high, it means it’s time to take the help of professionals.

      1. The work of the whole team.

      No matter how you want it, but you cannot do the same amount of job alone that our brigade performs in one visit. The choice is yours: make an entire week or more to achieve a mediocre result, or entrust this matter to us, and get a clean house in 1 day.

      1. Support at any convenient time.

      You yourself set the dates for the visit of our staff, we will perform all the necessary actions in any of 6 business days.

      And you can still go about your business while we provide window cleaning services.

      1.  Experienced workers.

      Entrust the business to professionals who have vast experience in removing various types of dirt. You do not have to worry about the quality of the stuff, all your requirements and wishes are fulfilled implicitly.

      1. Use of special tools.

      Using special products and tools allows you to achieve a better result and deal with pollution in a shorter time. So you get a clear glass that stays neat longer.

      Why choose our company?

      We care about the result, so our goal is 100% satisfaction of each client’s requests. Among all window cleaning companies in Mississauga, many customers prefer us. Following their example, you will receive many benefits:

      • Full compliance with your requirements.

      We take into account all your wishes and provide a result that exceeds expectations.

      • Individual budget calculation.

      We include only the most necessary in the package of services and find solutions for any budget.

      • All types of work in 1 day.

      Regardless of the complexity of the job, you will call a professional team and put your building in order in just 1 visit.

      • Only natural products.

      All window washing job is carried out using environmentally friendly and absolutely safe for health products. We care about the environment and are responsible for the selection of products for washing.

      • Safe service.

      We take all necessary safety measures to ensure a quality job. Each of our employees is instructed and passes a safety test. Our entire staff is insured.

      • We guarantee the result

      We are so confident in our employees that we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the stuff done. Otherwise, we will return and carry out house maintenance for you for free.

      • Save your time.

      Call us any day and our team will do any kind of stuff for you. There is no need to spend your day off or valuable work time washing glass surfaces. Professional window cleaning will solve this problem with comfort for you!


      Regular service

       Make the process of calling the brigade and technical support of your home as automated as possible! Here you can draw up an annual, 6-month or 3-month regular maintenance plan. With this plan, you completely free yourself from the hassle of caring for the building for a long time. All you need is to agree on a convenient schedule for regular visits by our team.

      All other types of jobs are performed by us. After each visit, we will provide reports, and we will timely remind you of the next visit to your property. Home care has never been so easy with a window cleaning company! You can also order regular maintenance for eavestrough cleaning in Mississauga so that we complete the full range of scheduled job in 1 day.

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