Turning to a professional drain pipe and eavestrough cleaners is the right solution, especially if you are tired of the grueling work of maintaining a building. Dr. Shine Windows is a team of experienced workers who provide comprehensive technical support for your home in one visit at Thornhill. We carry out a thorough cleaning of gutters from debris, check the condition of pipes, carry out repairs and replace drain pipes, as well as wash external walls, roofs and other surfaces of the building. Entrusting your house to our team, you can be sure that you will get high-quality results at a reasonable price.


There is no such pollution that our team could not eliminate! Regardless of the degree of contamination of the gutters, we manually fix any problems with your gutters and restore the healthy functions of the rainwater outflow system.We service commercial, residential and industrial buildings of any size. If your drainage system is defective, call a professional and get even more than you expect. A professional purge of eaves is very different from what you are used to doing, climbing the stairs with a mop and rag. See for yourself by calling our comprehensive service team.

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    Eavestrough cleaning Thornhill


    The rainwater outflow system of any building needs regular technical support. Each new season, eavestroughs are subject to additional stress, since after autumn they accumulate a lot of leaves, wood, tar, dirt and other waste. If garbage disposal is not carried out on time, rainwater accumulates in the downspouts and seeps through the edges of the cornices, filling the walls, roof, courtyard and basement.

    This phenomenon causes serious problems for your house because moisture destroys the integrity of the walls and contributes to the corrosion of building materials. You may notice how wet traces and stains, cracks, mold traces and even a specific smell of moisture and decay appear in your home. Mold is a dangerous cluster of toxic microorganisms that adversely affect human health.

    All these processes are dangerous for your home and ultimately lead to serious damage to walls, supports, and foundations. Frequent floods in the basements also occur due to a malfunction of the gutters and ignoring this problem is unacceptable if you want to live in a safe house. All of these risks can be avoided by regularly purge and inspecting the condition of the eaves twice a year — before and after winter. When the rainwater outflow system is working properly at house, all the moisture output tubes far from your land, protect your building from getting wet.


    You leave a request on our website, and we will arrive at your home on the appointed day. We know how valuable your time is, therefore we can carry out technical support of the downspout system even in the absence of the house owner. We document the results of our work and provide detailed photo reports, so you can be sure that you will receive high-quality service. All work to remove garbage from cornices and gutters is carried out manually, so we have the ability to control 100% removal of contaminants and monitor the condition of the pipes.

    If a breakdown or hole is detected during the washing process, we repair it with special sealants. In cases where eavestrough repair is not possible, we carry out downspout replacement. We thoroughly clean the drainage system, both inside and out, and rub all external surfaces of the building to shine. Entrusting us with the care of your building, you hire experienced specialists who undergo technical training and annually improve the methods of purge downspout systems in continuing education courses.

    In our work, we use only proven and 100% environmentally friendly products that protect the exterior of the house from getting wet and re-contamination.If you are looking for a reliable contractor for the technical support of your home, contact us now! Get a 20% discount on your first visit from Dr. Shine Windows! To receive services at a promotional price, fill out the form below.

    Gutter cleaning Thornhill



      We provide the following services in Thornhill:

      • Purge eavestrough and cornices.

      We manually remove all types of pollution and eliminate waste in the form of leaves, earth, wood, inorganic waste. Garbage disposal contributes to a healthy and unhindered drain of rainwater.

      • Extraction of construction waste from downspouts.

      After the repair work is important not to forget to carry out cleaning not only land but also in the pipes of the rainwater outflow system. Residual debris can clog and damage downspouts.

      • Check the condition of the gutters.

      Inspection of eaves for holes and breakages. All holes and joints are treated with special sealants that prevent water from seeping.

      • Repair and replacement of eavestroughs.

      If necessary, we carry out repair of the downspout system of any complexity, as well as the replacement of individual spare parts and faulty pipes.

      • Washing walls and other surfaces.

      After the rainy season and storms, your home may look like a scruffy abandoned building with dirty smudges, stains and sticky stains of tar. We wash all kinds of pollution and make your home shine like new!

      • Elimination of pollution in hard-to-reach areas.

      It is unlikely that you yourself can get to areas such as eaves and ledges under the roof itself, the zone between the walls and downspouts, as well as ledges and niches in the exterior decoration of buildings. These zones are the largest places of moisture, dirt, and mold accumulation. We carry out full cleaning of hard-to-reach areas using special products.

      • Purge standing water in pipes.

      Stagnant water appears when the gutter is faulty and can cause serious damage to the entire system. Gutter purge eliminates stagnant water and restores the correct distribution of rainwater.


       We do all the dirty work ourselves — you don’t need to worry about pollution.

      • You save your time while we carry out house technical support.
      • Caring for the health of your family — we prevent mold in the house.
      • Work package for 1 visit — get quick service and solve all problems in 1 day!


      To maximize the automation of regular tech support of your building, order annual scheduled maintenance from Dr. Shine Windows!

      The annual plan frees you from the need to organize downspout purge every time. You set convenient dates once a year, and our team will take care of the rest! We ourselves remind you of the next visit, we carry out all types of work and provide detailed reports with the results. Technical support for your home has never been so easy and convenient!