Difficult and dirty work must be done by professionals, which is why many house owners at Richmond hill trust our team to clean the rainwater outflow system! We know how difficult it is for an unprepared person to get home technical support. Moreover, working at high altitude is dangerous to health and carries the risks of falls and injuries. Such losses are not worth your efforts, because all housework can be carried out by an experienced team.


We provide comprehensive house technical service, manually remove all rubbish from the eaves and pipes, inspect and monitor the condition of the drain pipes, wash the exterior of the house and bring the building in full order! If necessary, our employees also repair and replace spare parts and pipes. You will get a brilliant building and a working rainwater outflow system in just 1 day! It’s time to forget about the troubles and entrust the care of your home to those who really know what they are doing!

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    Eavestrough cleaning Richmond hill


     As you know, a downspout system is necessary for proper distribution of rainwater in your area. When the cornices are clogged with leaves, dirt and other waste, the rain flows change their direction or accumulate in the sewers, which significantly increases the load on the entire structure. Clogging of the eaves provokes serious problems, which are manifested in the form of wet smudges, cracks and destruction of the walls, roof and base of the home.

    Leakage of moisture intensifies the corrosion of building materials and becomes a place of development of toxic mold, which is hazardous to health.

    The malfunctioning state of downspouts often provokes severe flooding of the base and the area around the home, as a result of which the base of the building is damaged. Such types of major repairs as restoration of the groundwork and walls after submergence will cost the landlord at least $1,000-$2,000. If spending such amounts on home technical service every season is not part of your plans, we recommend that you purge it regularly twice a year — in the fall and spring.


     All you have to do is call our team at a convenient time. We will take care of the rest on our own. Our services are aimed at getting rid of any hassle, so we are ready to perform technical support of the house, even in your absence. You can evaluate the results of work by looking at our detailed reports with “before” and “after” photo materials. We carry out comprehensive tech support of your home and eliminate all types of garbage and pollution. Your rainwater outflow system will function perfectly and your home will shine with cleanliness in just 1 visit.

    Entrusting the building service to us, you get the services of professional workers who undergo special training, safety training and annually improve their skills. Each of our employees is experienced and insured, so you can be sure of the safety and quality of the services provided. Our team uses exclusively environmentally friendly and effective products to wash and protect the surfaces of the house from moisture. Washing of the surfaces with the use of these products allows for longer maintain a clean and attractive appearance of the house. Want to order technical support of the house in Richmond hill? Send an inquiry now and get a 20% discount on the first visit of our team!

    Gutter cleaning Richmond hill



      We offer a full range of support services for buildings:

      • Purge eavestrough and gutters. Most of the garbage, leaves and other waste accumulates in the gutters, along which rainwater flows. For the proper functioning of the downspouts, it is necessary to purge eaves twice a year — before and after winter.
      • Removal of construction debris in pipes. After repairs, drain pipes require inspection and purge. Debris can not only clog eaves, but also damage the integrity of the downspouts. Try to avoid drainage problems before the rainy season.
      • Checking the condition of the rainwater outflow pipes. When removing waste, we also check the integrity and durability of all eavestroughs.
      • Repair of drain pipes. Our employees repair gutters and pipes of any complexity. If spare parts cannot be repaired, we replace the drain pipe elements.
      • Washing walls, roofs and other surfaces. Usually, in just one rainy season, your home turns into a kind of old castle with adhering cobwebs, leaves, dirty stains and dust. Our team eliminates all types of pollution on external surfaces and restores a pristine, new look to the building.
      • Removal of pollution in hard-to-reach areas. Each building has places that you most likely could never get to. In such areas, especially moisture, dirt, and mold accumulate. We thoroughly wash hard-to-reach areas and eliminate mold deposits using special products.
      •  Purge standing water in gutters. Clogged eaves and pipes under their own weight can collapse right on your land at any time. Do not allow the emergency state of the eaves — if you notice the presence of stagnant water, immediately call the technical support team.


      • You get rid of the hassle, we do all the difficult work.
      • Our team prevents toxic mold in your building.
      • We save your time — we carry out all types of work even in your absence.
      • We quickly purge and repair the gutters — it takes us 1 day to bring the building in full order.


      Scheduled annual technical support is a convenient turnkey solution for customers who want to spend a minimal amount of their time on the chores of servicing downspouts.

      When ordering scheduled technical support, you set dates for visiting the brigade once a year, and we take care of the rest. We ourselves remind you of our next visit, we carry out a purge, inspection, and washing of pipes, provide detailed reports and monitor the timely care of your home twice a year.

      The annual tech service plan is a simple and convenient solution that allows you to automate the process of carrying out the necessary housework without your intervention.