Sparkling glass are the concern of professionals


If we are talking about window cleaning in Scarborough, many people recall the condition of their own houses. How often do you clean glass side at home yourself? Assume not very often. And this can be understood. Such activity is unlikely to have any enthusiasm to take a sponge and a ladder to climb on the highest floor, to make your windows clean. Who likes this? Most homeowners avoid this type of activity for as long as possible. But this is not an option.


Window washing is an important job in maintaining the cleanliness and quality of your building, both outside and inside. Dust and dirt with water settle on all surfaces, including glass. This is what you breathe daily when you are indoors. Not to mention neglected cases, when, due to a thick layer of dirt, you can discern it — is it cloudy today or just seems so?


We know how to save you the hassle of taking care of your property and offer a full range of technical support. To make glass sides shiny can be easily and comfortably — if you trust this business with a specially trained team.

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    Scarborough window cleaning

    Window Cleaning Scarborough

    If you are searching for a contractor to solve the problem of dirty surfaces in your estate, you are in the right place. Our team is specially trained technical workers who will do the best job so that the result satisfies you 100%.

    We provide maintenance of estate of any size and purpose (residential buildings, business centers, and commercial buildings) in Ontario, Canada in particular in cities such as:

    • Scarborough;
    • Toronto;
    • Mississauga;
    • Woodbridge;
    • Oakville and other surrounding cities.

    In addition, at our disposal a complete set of tools and special equipment to eliminate even the most stubborn dirt. You hire window cleaning staff who have all the necessary facilities, right view, skills and insurance — we take care of our team and protect the interests, and rights of clients.

    Why it is important to perform house maintenance

    Cleaned glass in a house is not just a matter of aesthetics and a good appearance. The dirt and dust that collects on the glasses and the inside of the frames is the concentration of harmful aerosol micro particles that come from the street. The composition of these particles may contain a number of harmful substances, including a microscopic suspension of soot, components of asphalt, car tires, dust and pollen (the latter has a particularly negative effect on people prone to allergies). Particularly, street dust contains particles with a size of 2.5 micrometers or fewer, which easily overcome the body’s natural “filters” in the nasopharynx and bronchi, penetrate the lungs and are absorbed into the blood, damaging the cardiovascular system. Carcinogens also enter our body through windows from the street: formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, oxides of nitrogen, sulfur, mercury vapor, carbon monoxide.

    Needless to say, all this negatively affects the health of residents.

    Regular tech support and cleaning of the interior and exterior surfaces in the property eliminates all the above problems, thereby providing a preventive effect bonded with the well-being of all the inhabitants in the house.


    scarborough window cleaning service


      We offer more

      Many window cleaning companies in Scarborough offer their property technical services. But our team is distinguished by a responsible approach to their duties — not a single speck of dirt will be missed on your glasses, we ensure! In addition, we provide the customer with a number of advantages, due to which we are chosen among all the others:

      • Flexible schedule.

      You can assign the visit to our team any day because we fully adjust the schedule of customers. You will get satisfaction from working with us!

      • Speed and quality.

      All types of work are carried out in 1 visit, due to the number of crews, we perform full service of any home during the day. And you no longer need to worry about removing dirt.

      • All team members are insured.

      Each of our employees is trained and insured. Every year we conduct safety training. We guarantee the safety of work at high altitude.

      • Only eco-friendly facilities.

      We use only modern environmentally friendly means to eliminate pollution and care about the environment. All our tools and products are safe for health.

      How we do technical support

      Maintenance of your building is held for 1 visit. Window cleaning services include not only perfecting the glass, but also the entire glass panels construction, including frames, sills, handles, tides, external and internal slopes and other surfaces.

      To order the departure of our team, you just have to fill an online form on our website, tell them the address and set a convenient date and time of visit. Our employees can perform all work on cleaning the external surfaces even without your presence.

      We provide photo reports on the work done in the “before” and “after” format so that you can be sure of the quality of our serving. House technical support with Dr. Shine Windows is easy and convenient for homeowners throughout Ontario!

      The decision is yours!

      If you want to never again think about cleaning surfaces and do-it-yourself home maintenance, we suggest you conclude an agreement on ongoing cooperation with a professional window cleaning team! We offer regular support and turnkey integrated solutions for owners of all types of buildings — by signing a regular tech support agreement, you independently approve the plan for the dates of our visits. That is all you have to do. Be happy! Our team will take care of the rest! We ourselves will remind you of the upcoming visit and agree on a convenient visit time. If you want to receive services without the presence of the owner — fine, we will do it for you! And we will provide a detailed report on the work done.

      If you are one of those people who value their hours and do not want to be distracted from everyday affairs, Dr. Shine Windows will save you from such a hassle. In addition to cleaning surfaces, our team also provides eavestrough cleaning in Scarborough, as well as eaves and gutter technical support. With our company, you will receive a full range of services for the care of your building — quickly, efficiently, and in just 1 day!

      Service benefits with a window cleaning company

      The main advantage of the professional service of your property is, of course, the excellent quality of pollution treatment.

      Experienced workers using professional tools do a lot more efficient than a single property owner trying his best.

      The benefits of a team of skilled professionals also include:

      • Elimination of pollution of any kind and complexity through the use of special tools and products, as well as the skills of workers.
      • Experienced specialists observe the cleaning technique without damaging the external surfaces of the glass and frames with aggressive substances (which is a common mistake of homeowners when cleaning surfaces).
      • Calling a pro crew is a rational solution to the issue of estate technical support, which frees the owner from a lot of trouble and unpleasant work.
      • Elimination of risks — the tech support of surfaces is carried out by workers, preventing the risk of injury to the building owner when trying to self-service the house.

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