Removing garbage from eaves and gutters is perhaps one of the most difficult and dangerous maintenance work. And we know how sometimes it is difficult to achieve a perfect appearance of a building and downspouts on its own. Climbing the stairs with washing products and tools to purge your downspouts is hardly your favorite activity, is it? We are not talking about situations where your eavestrough needs repair. Such a task is not always possible to carry out independently, and frankly, the risks associated with working at high altitude are also completely unjustified.


We suggest eliminating all the troubles associated with maintaining your downspout system with the help of our experienced workers! Dr. Shine Windows is a team of experts in purge gutters, fascias and eavestroughs, as well as repairing pipes, and bringing your home in order!

We carry out a full range of building technical support in just 1 visit and eliminate any problems and breakdowns of gutter systems. If you are looking for a reliable contractor in Vaughan who will quickly and efficiently bring your home to the state of a new, brilliant building, you are on the right track!

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    The drainage system is an important part of any house and is protective of rainwater. Gutters act as channels to divert water flows in the right direction and derive water beyond the reach of your home. If the eavestrough system fails, rain flows over the edge or change direction, wet the roof, walls, foundation, yard, etc. A large accumulation of moisture provokes corrosion of the walls and other surfaces, which leads to the destruction of the entire structure. Often, due to a long malfunction of downspouts, cracks appear in the walls of the house, which are strengthened by mold, as a result of which a foundation shift occurs.

    If your pipes are clogged with garbage from leaves and other organic waste, there is a high probability that in the rainy season you will have to deal with flooding of basements. Water flows can destroy structures of high strength in just one season, so we do not recommend neglecting regular purge eavestrough.

    If you do not want to pay amounts of several thousand dollars for the overhaul of the house, carry out technical support of the gutter system of the building annually — before and after winter. Thus, you will protect your home from risks as much as possible and ensure home safety in all weather conditions.


    You set a date for our team to come and provide comprehensive services for your building. We are ready to perform all types of work, even if in your absence, to save your time as much as possible. In any case, we provide detailed photo reports with the results of the work performed. You can safely go about your business and forget about the troubles.

    We take care of each downspout, clean 100% of the garbage in the gutters and check the condition of all pipes. The elimination of contaminants and debris is done manually, which allows us to examine and monitor in detail the condition of all parts of the drainage system. All downspouts and the outer parts of the eaves will also sparkle with cleanliness — we take care of the smallest details! In addition, you can order a washing of the exterior surfaces of the building (walls, roof, windows), which we carry out in 1 thorough visit.

    All work is carried out using high-quality and safe products, as well as special solutions that protect the surface of the building from leakage of moisture. As a result, you get an updated, clean and serviceable downspout system that fulfills its functions 100%. With Dr. Shine Windows, you can forget about the problems of clogging the downspouts forever!

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      We carry out technical services of varying complexity for buildings in Vaughan:

      • Purge of eaves and gutters. The most common drainage problem is the clogging of leaves, dirt, wood, and other gutter debris. This type of pipe should be purged twice a year (in autumn and spring).
      • Elimination of construction waste in the gutter system. After completing the repair of the roof and exterior of the house, be sure to check the condition of the downspouts. In 99% of cases, construction waste accumulates in pipes and creates serious problems for a healthy outflow of water (especially during the rainy season).
      • Check and repair of pipes. Over time, pipes, like any other part of your home, tend to wear out. Even minor damage to the eaves can cause moisture to leak into the house. We carry out any types of repair and replacement of drain pipes.
      • Washing the exterior of a building. A whole team is needed to carry out washing of building exterior surfaces, so we offer a quick and cost-effective solution. Entrust the fight against heavy pollution to professionals to get a result that exceeds your expectations!
      • Removal of dirt in hard-to-reach areas.
      • Each house has places that cannot be reached without special equipment. Such areas are usually the site of the greatest accumulation of dirt, debris, moisture, and as a result, a place for the development of mold. We eliminate any pollution and treat such areas with special means to protect the surface of the house from water.
      • Purge water in the pipes. The presence of stagnant water in the pipes indicates that clogging of the pipe has occurred in a certain place with garbage and dirt. We fix the problem and blowpipes to restore all the functions of the downspout system.


      • We carry out the most difficult work and cope with all types of pollution.
      • You get a 100% clean building and check the condition of all pipes.
      • Our team takes preventative measures to eliminate the development of toxic mold in your home.
      • Save your time — you don’t have to be present at work.


      For customers who especially value their time, we offer the most automated solution — scheduled technical support twice a year!

      By ordering the annual plan services, you get regular tech service of your building without the need for regular organization and monitoring of work.

      You set convenient dates for visits once a year, and we take care of all the troubles and regularly put your house in order according to the plan.

      We timely remind you of our next visit, we carry out all the work and provide detailed reports. This is the simplest and most effective solution for customers who want to minimize the time spent on technical support of their house!


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