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A service such as Window Cleaning Thornhill is of interest to homeowners who value high-quality results. If you are tired of the grueling efforts of home maintenance that you have to do yourself, you are in the right place. No matter how diligent and thorough your attempts to wash all surfaces of the house by hand are, we know that you are unlikely to be 100% satisfied with your results. Add to this the amount of time and effort spent cleaning the glasses, sills, walls and other outdoor surfaces, which become soiled again very quickly. Ask yourself: are your efforts and precious time worth it?


Perhaps it makes sense to reconsider your priorities and entrust this work to professionals. We are a team of experienced workers who specialize in removing contaminants of varying complexity on the external and internal surfaces of houses, as well as roofs, foundations, pipes and in inaccessible places. Entrusting us with the care of the building, you will forever forget about a hazardous job at height and significantly save your time.


Window cleaning in Thornhill from our company is a high-quality service, complete removal of dust and dirt, as well as an individual approach to each client. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result.

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    Window cleaning Thornhill

    Window washing process

     We carry out all types of works on technical support of buildings 6 days a week, so you can call the brigade at any convenient day. Our service is aimed at saving the client’s time as much as possible, therefore we carry out home maintenance even in the absence of the owner. If you need to get rid of dirt on the outdoor surfaces of the home without violating your work schedule, call us! We will provide a range of services and provide detailed photos and video reports on the jobs done so that you evaluate the result yourself.

    After your appeal, our specialist will help determine the optimal set of services in accordance with the available budget. Next, you set a date and time for visiting our team. We arrive at the facility and carry out all the necessary jobs (and even a little more!) In one visit. We carefully wash all glasses, sills, slopes, frames, handles and even internal elements of window mechanisms. All inaccessible places, such as ledges under the roof, arches, the space between the pipes will also be carefully examined and washed by our workers.

    As a result, you get a new look of a neat, radiant building and the absence of any headache for you. Having received the services of professional window cleaning once, you will never return to the difficult and dirty job on your home! The results of our efforts exceed all expectations!

    Why is it important to carry out regular maintenance of the building?

    When your home is neat, it has a much more attractive and pleasing to the eye look. Such a house attracts the attention of passers-by and makes guests visit you more willingly. Ask any real estate agent — the first thing to do when selling or renting a building is to wash all surfaces to shine, then the object looks like a new coin!

    But external accuracy and attractiveness is not the only reason it is worth regularly monitoring cleanliness. Glasses in the home act as barriers that prevent dust, dirt, and also microparticles of various harmful substances from entering your home, and therefore into your body. You must have noticed on the dirty glass small particles and specks that adhere and accumulate over time. It is these particles that regularly come to our place from the street: these are microscopic pieces of heavy metals, road surfaces, car tires, building materials and other elements that are so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye.

    Since most of these substances accumulate on the external surfaces of walls and glass, when you open windows to ventilate the rooms, these substances enter the lungs with air. The carcinogenic nature of such microparticles causes the body to respond in the form of diseases and chronic pathologies. That is why we say that the regular implementation of window cleaning services is a prerequisite for supporting the neatness of the house and the health of its inhabitants.

    Window cleaning in thornhill


      Entrust your home care to professionals

      There are many benefits that a specially trained window cleaning staff provides. Since an experienced team has more opportunities for carrying out all types of housework, the owner of the building receives undeniable benefits from this:

      1. Complex washing and large buildings are not a problem.

      When it comes to heavy pollution and work with large buildings and high floors, you cannot do without the help of a professional team. Specialized companies, such as ours, have examples of building maintenance of any complexity in the portfolio.

      1. Teamwork.

      Whatever the amount of job, the technical support company will provide you with the necessary number of employees to complete the task. The amount of job that the owner will do a week, a team of technical specialists will complete in a few hours.

      1. Short terms.

      There is no need to plan and specifically devote time to putting the house in order, sacrificing working hours. You can get all the necessary job package on the day you contact the company or any date convenient for you. Saving your time is easy!

      1. Experienced brigade.

      There are no amateurs in the employee team, which provides an effective result. Any difficulties and even breakdowns identified during the washing process can be eliminated by the company’s employees. You do not need to additionally look for specialists.

      1. Use of special tools.

      A set of products and tools is an important part of the surface washing process, which ensures safety and quality of results. Therefore, cleaners use special products that prevent re-contamination.

      Why do customers choose us?

      Many window cleaning companies in Thornhill offer a similar range of services. But we are radically different not only in the quality of the job, but also in our approach to cooperation with customers. The basic principle of our staff is 100% customer satisfaction and a little more.

      Therefore, we offer you a number of benefits:

      — We comply with all the requirements and hear the wishes.

      We will provide a full range of services, taking into account all the details of your requirements and wishes. The washing will be done exactly as you want.

      — We take into account your capabilities.

      We select the optimal set of services within the existing budget. And not a cent more!

      — Technical support for 1 visit.

      All problematic pollution and untidy appearance of the house will be eliminated in one visit of our team. You have nothing to worry about!

      — We provide reports.

      You get a detailed report on the job done with video and photo materials in the format “before” and “after”.

      — We take care of your health.

      We carefully select the best products on the market for washing glasses and other surfaces in your home and use only natural products. Your health and environment are safe.

      — We provide process safety.

      Each of our employees is bonded and insured. Every year, members of our team pass an advanced training exam, including safety regulations. The organization of comfortable and safe working conditions is our priority.

      Window cleaning companies in Thornhill

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