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Dr. Shine offers in-depth eavestrough and gutter purge services in Oakville, ON. For proper moisture supply, the outfall system of the house requires regular care.


You can be busy all the time and forget about purge the gutters, putting the roof, base and walls of the house at risk. Damage repair in the event of a blocked gutter will cost the owner thousands of dollars.


Therefore, we recommend pro purge services for the gutter system and exterior surfaces of the house in one thorough visit. There is no need to install a ladder and manually clean hazardous debris in gutters at high altitude. Our employees use special machinery for safe and effective purge of the outfall system at home.


We use cutting-edge purge methods and constantly improve your skills to offer you the best service in Oakville. With Dr. Shine you get a brilliant home and a flawless outfall system without the hassle!

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    How we do eavestrough cleaning

    We can clean the drainpipes and gutters in a short time, including without your presence. At the appointed time, Dr. Shine Windows will carry out professional garbage collection in the outfall system, including the purge of drainpipes and fascias. We will wash all the horizontal surfaces of the house to shine and provide a photo report before and after.

    We carry out an exceptionally safe and efficient service using new machinery. No old methods with stairs and damage — forget about it!
    Our employees always devote time to details, so be sure that the outer walls of your gutters will also shine like new.

    For the maintenance of the wall of houses and exterior surfaces, we use powerful power washing and exterior washing to ensure perfect cleanliness even in hard-to-reach areas of the house. Complex cleaning allows you to get rid of various types of garbage and heavy pollution, whether it be leaves, moss, dirt, tree sap, mold, etc.

    We offer a range of services eaves trough and gutter cleaning

    • Cleaning the outfall system with special machines. 
    • Purification, collection, and disposal of garbage and biological waste from the eavestrough and gutter cavity.
    • Improving the appearance of the house. Cleaning the walls with a pressurized jet allows you to quickly and efficiently bring your home in order to an absolute sheen.
    • Washing stubborn dirt and stains. Some stains and outdated contamination cannot be removed manually. Our professional equipment removes 100% of the existing dirt on the walls and roof.
    • Installation of a fence for a drainpipe to control the flow of water.
    • Pipe flushing. Checking the condition of the drain for subsequent repair or replacement.
    • Eavestrough renovation. Improvement of drainage functions of a drain and repair of drainpipes. We independently repair damaged gutters in a short time.

    Regardless of the complexity of a task and the level of your needs, our team will provide the necessary service at a convenient time for you.

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      Annual maintenance program

      The best way to care for your home’s drainage system is to have a regular cleaning plan every fall and spring. Such care helps to avoid excessive pollution of the drainage system and all the unpleasant consequences that follow: moisture leakage, pipe breakage, mold formation, and foundation destruction.

      For the convenience of our customers, we offer to use the annual maintenance program at a fixed price. With the annual program, you don’t have to worry about planning to clean the drainage system — you set the time for service, and we take care of your home.

      The annual plan includes washing services for all exterior and interior windows, washing horizontal surfaces and walls, and a thorough purge of gutters outside and inside.

      Advantages of eavestrough purge service

      Caring for an outfall system is a job that most homeowners prefer to assign to professional services. This decision is rational and correct in every sense since the general condition of the house largely depends on the quality of technical maintenance of drainpipes.

      The benefits of eavestroughs purge service include:

      Protection of the base and walls of the house

      Moisture accumulated in the gutters seeps into the base and walls of the house, which provokes corrosion and cracking. Cracks, in turn, provoke faults and displacement of the foundation, which is a serious problem. To avoid moisture from entering the foundation and walls, we recommend that you carry out maintenance every year — in autumn and spring.

      Mildew protection

      The accumulation of moisture provokes rapid growth of mold. This problem is very difficult to get rid of, so regular cleaning of the outfall system is necessary prevention. Mold is also dangerous because it has a negative impact on the health status of residents at home. Caring for your home also means caring for the health of all family members.

      No risk for the homeowner

      We clean gutters using special machines without the use of stairs. Protect yourself from the risk of injury when manually cleaning the eaves and just call the Dr. Shine.

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