Dr. Shine Windows is a professional building tech support team. We provide a full range of cleaning services: purge of gutters, fascias, eaves, as well as washing of the walls and the exterior surfaces of the building from severe pollution. If you are looking for reliable contractors in Woodbridge to bring your home a brilliant look, you are on the right track!


Our team is engaged in the technical support of large and small buildings, we carry out all types of work and solve the problems of downspout systems of any complexity. Regardless of whether you need to clean, repair or replace the drain pipes, we are ready to complete all the work quickly and efficiently!


Entrust the care of your building to Dr. Shine Windows and forget about any troubles and breakdowns forever!

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    Every year, your home is exposed to various weather conditions. Eavestroughs are most heavily loaded in autumn, spring and winter. Rains, temperature changes, fallen leaves and the accumulation of dirt in pipes often lead to clogging of pipes and overfilling of water. This is a dangerous phenomenon that provokes the wetting of the whole house: from the roof and walls to the basement and yard. Uncontrolled water flows quickly destroy the integrity of the house structure, which is manifested in smudges, cracks, and then the foundation shift.

    Another serious problem when leaking moisture into the house is a harmful mold, which quickly multiplies and takes root in wet surfaces. Mold not only enhances the corrosion of building materials but can also greatly damage the health of residents.

    If you do not solve the problem with the waterspout system, you will soon have to pay larger amounts. Such types of repair work as restoration of the foundation and repair of the base after the flood will cost at least several thousand dollars or more. It is unlikely that you are counting on a similar outcome of events. Timely technical care and purge of drain system ensure the safe circulation of rainwater and eliminate the risks of emergencies.


    We agree with you on a convenient time and date, and on the appointed day we carry out a range of services for tidying your home. Our team can carry out all the necessary types of work even if the owner is not at home. You do not need to change your daily schedule and spend time monitoring the process. We provide detailed reports on the results of work to each client (we also provide photo materials).

    We completely purge all pipes, check the condition of each part of the downspout system, eliminate breakdowns or replace eavestrough, wash the external walls of the gutters to shine, and also wash the external surfaces of the house. You get a new-look for your building and a well-functioning house downspout system in just 1 visit! Agree that doing this work yourself is an exorbitant effort that always ends with a result of average quality. We know how exhausting it seems to be manual gutter purge.

    Therefore, we propose to get rid of unwanted obligations to care for your home and entrust this matter to pro cleaners! Each of our employees undergo special education and training to improve the skills of building maintenance. We know how to put your house in order in the most efficient way!For purge and washing drain pipes, we use extremely safe products and special agents that protect your home from moisture accumulation in problem areas. Have a house that needs our help? We have good news for you — we give a 20% discount on the first service! To get a discount, fill out the form below.




      Our service includes the following types of work:

      • Cleaning eavestrough and downspouts. Careful removal of debris, leaves, wood, resin, organic and other waste from the cavity of the gutter allows you to restore the normal outflow of rainwater.
      • Elimination of construction debris in drain pipes and eaves. When carrying out repairs on the roof and exterior of the house, be sure to call downspout purge services. In 99% of cases, construction debris clogs the pipes and can cause disrepair to the downspout system.
      • Checking the condition of the waterspout How well the pipes perform their functions can be determined using a special check. Holding a stream of water under pressure helps to identify the slightest holes and breakdowns in all parts of the downspout system.
      • Repair of drain pipes. We carry out repair work of any complexity. If the pipe cannot be repaired, we offer drain pipe replacement services.
      •  Washing the exterior of the building. After the rainy season and storms, the exterior of the house is particularly affected due to heavy pollution. We wash away any stains, smudges and dried dirt. Your home will shine like new!
      • Washing hard-to-reach areas. Each building has places that require special effort to clean. As a rule, these are areas under the roof, between the pipes, in the corners and at the joints of fasteners, where especially a lot of moisture and dirt is collected. Such an environment becomes a favorable place for harmful bacteria and organisms and requires special treatment with protective agents.
      • Purge standing water in pipes. When clogging pipes, stagnant water becomes a real problem. The load on the waterspout system increases, which threatens to rupture the pipes and the separation of the cornices. The emergency condition of the pipes is dangerous to the life of the house inhabitants.


      Tech support of your home requires a professional approach, and in most cases, the landlord is not able to independently carry out high-quality purge and washing of gutters.

      We offer to significantly save your time and effort, as well as eliminate any health risks. And most importantly — you get a result that exceeds expectations!

      Entrust the dirty work to us

      It is unlikely that you will be delighted to climb the stairs with tools for cleaning garbage. We will save you from unpleasant work and perform house maintenance much faster!

      Avoid Risks

      Do not expose yourself to the risk of injuries and troubles. Our team will purge and check the condition of your waterspout system, protecting you and your family from any problems with downspout system!

      Get rid of mold

      Let us eliminate any risks of harmful bacteria in your home. We will wash 100% of the dirt and moisture on the surface of the house so that the mold has no chance of spreading.

      Get fast service

      Dr. Team Shine Windows does all the work in just 1 visit! You do not even have to be present at work — decide your daily affairs without unnecessary hassle, we will take care of the rest!