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Most often, our clients order Window Cleaning Etobicoke. There are several reasons for this. Elimination of dirt from glass, external and internal sides, in inaccessible places and upper floors at high altitude is associated not only with great efforts, but also considerable risks to the health of the owner. Whatever the size of your home, washing all surfaces on your own can be an impossible task.


When the ratio of time spent to quality of the result does not live up to expectations, Etobicoke citizens turn to us. We offer professional washing of glass surfaces and full house maintenance in 1 visit — this is the best solution to any problems with the cleanliness of your building, which frees you from any hassle.


There is no need to try to achieve a satisfactory appearance of the building, we propose to make it truly radiant and new! Regardless of the current state of glass and casements, our brigade will cope with the pollution of any complexity! Just fill out the form below to set a convenient date for our visit.

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    Process of window cleaning in Etobicoke

    In order to get full building maintenance and removing dirt on all casements from our team, you just need to leave your contacts and answer the call of our manager. You can schedule any day convenient for you, and our team will take care of the rest. Please note that for your convenience, we work 6 days a week, so you do not have to violate your daily routine for washing windows.

    In addition, you can order the washing of external walls, glass, and casements even in your absence. This will significantly save time, while we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result. Our experts will prepare photo and video reports on the job a done so that you can independently verify the high level of service. We will make a series of photos and videos for you in the format “before” and “after”.

    Glass — a barrier against dirt and dust in the house

     Window cleaning services is not only a matter of beauty and comfort. It is also a concern for the health of each inhabitant of the house. Since glass serves as a barrier between living quarters and the street, they prevent various harmful substances from entering the building, such as dust, pollen, microparticles of asphalt, car tires, heavy metals and gases.

    All these substances in varying concentrations are present in all cities, which means they can enter your home through open windows and doors. Over time, such microparticles settle on the glass on both sides, and the tenants of the house inhale the microscopic parts of these substances, which then settle in the lungs.

    The carcinogenicity of heavy metals and gases is quite high, and the ingress of these substances into the human body negatively affects health. Therefore, it is so important to conduct a thorough washing of glasses and other surfaces in the house on time.

    Window cleaning in etobicoke


      Why window washing is a popular service

      A professional brigade is able to meet all your needs regarding home maintenance. There are at least a few weighty arguments for choosing a glass washing by a specialized company:

      1. High-quality service.

      With specialized team, you get a high-quality result that you could hardly provide on your own. After the careful work of the whole brigade, you can enjoy the beauty of your building, as if it were brand new.

      1. Workers experience.

      The team of companies consists of qualified professionals who have rich experience and knowledge to help achieve perfect cleanliness at home. With this service, you can be sure that all glass and casements will be washed carefully and thoroughly.

      1. Individual schedule.

      The company adapts to your daily routine, and not vice versa. There is no need to change your daily routine to restore order in the house — window cleaning staff will do this for you.

      1. Lack of hassle.

      Forget about exhausting job and efforts that do not bring the desired results. When you entrust stuff to a team of technical workers, house technical support will be performed at 10 points out of 10.

      1. Special equipment.

      The use of special tools and equipment eliminates 100% contamination in a short period.

      Why choose our company

      Among all window cleaning companies in Etobicoke, we are distinguished by a customer-oriented approach and always try to provide the best conditions in the market. With us you get more:

      • Individual budget miscalculation.

      We take into account your financial situation and needs when choosing the best set of services and offer technical support within your budget.

      • Guaranteed excellent results.

      Our team guarantees that you will be 100% satisfied with the result. Otherwise, we will re-service for free.

      • All types of work for 1 visit.

      Skilled workers remove contamination of any complexity on the glass, indoor and outdoor surfaces of the house, frames, slopes, sills and so on. We completely put the building in order for 1 visit.

      • Use of natural products.

      We care about the health of our clients and the environment, so we use only products with a natural composition for washing. All the tools used are eco-friendly.

      • Complete safety.

      Each employee of the window cleaning company annually undergoes a continuing education course and passes a safety control test. The whole team is insured, and each worker has the necessary training for the job at high altitude.

      • Save time.

      Set a convenient date for the brigade’s visit and forget about any troubles associated with technical support at home. Use this time to solve more important tasks.

      Regular service

      The job to eliminate dirt, whether you like it or not, must be carried out constantly, once every few months (depending on the season). Therefore, we offer customers to use a ready-made solution — to order a regular building maintenance plan.

      This plan assumes that you set convenient dates and a schedule for the work of the team for the year ahead, which makes it possible to forget about any kind of troubles or organizational issues of washing glasses and casements.

      Our brigade will take on these chores — from reminding you of our next visit to washing and providing detailed reports on the job done. If you are a busy person and value your time, an annual technical support plan is what you need

       Get the benefit on your first visit!

      In gratitude for the interest to our company, we offer each new client an incentive bonus — a 20% discount on the first visit.

      This discount applies to all services, including professional window cleaning and eavestrough cleaning in Etobicoke.

      Use your bonus right now! Fill out the form below and our manager will draw up an individual price offer for you.

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