Toronto Gutter Cleaning Services


Dr. Shine Windows provides a full range of drainage system cleaning services, all of them in one day or less. We offer professional and convenient service for your home using modern and effective tools. Most homeowners refuse to purge gutters because of the difficulty of doing the maintenance on their own.


Working at high altitudes under a roof is dangerous if you do not have the right tools and especially training. There is a high risk of injury and this risk is completely unjustified if you can train professionals right here in Toronto do it for you. We carry out a thorough inspection and remove 100% of the debris and dirt from the drainage system, and bring the house in full order in one visit.


Our team is constantly improving its skills and mastering new techniques of maintaining gutters so that you can be sure of the quality of work performed. Leave the trouble of regularly cleaning eaves troughs to Dr. Shine Windows and forget about clogged pipes and drainage problems!

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    Why do i need to clean the gutter system?

    Improperly directed rainwater flow causes moisture to leak into the house, which provokes corrosion and significantly reduces the life of building materials.

    Clogging of the drainage system leads to many problems: from the formation of smudges and the destruction of the roof and walls of a house, to the submergence of basements and a shift in the foundation.

    Repair work after submergence is extremely costly (usually in the thousands of dollars), which is much more expensive than the planned cleaning of drainpipes in autumn and spring.

    We recommend that you eliminate the risks of gutter breakdowns and keep your home safe and dry.

    How does the pipe cleaning service works

    On the agreed upon day, our team arrives to conduct full maintenance of the drainage system of your home. The owner of the house does not have to waste his time and be present when the work is being performed. We provide detailed photo reports on the condition of the gutters and the work done after each visit.

    Our workers carefully inspect the drainage system and check the serviceability of all pipes. If necessary, we repair gutters and drainage systems. A set of tasks on cleaning down pipes is carried out manually and includes a careful collection of garbage, blowing out gutters, washing from dirt and cleaning drainage elements in the most inaccessible places. We work to remove leaves, dirt, debris, moss, earth, wood and mold deposits in down pipes and other places. Our experts eliminate all types of contamination and rub the outer walls of the gutters to a shine.

    You can also get a range of services for washing external and internal surfaces (walls, roofs, windows) and get a brilliant and new-look at home in just one visit. We use exclusively environmentally friendly and safe detergents. We also have special solutions that prevent the penetration of moisture into the walls and protect the house from the seepage of rainwater.



      Advantages of gutter purge services

      Maintenance of drainpipes is difficult, tedious and dangerous and should be left to professionals. To save money on expensive repairs to the drainage system, we recommend working with a professional team.
      Working with our team, you get a number of benefits:

      Give up dirty work

      Eliminating dirt and grime around your house is not the kind of work that should be done with the sleeves lowered and in a white shirt. Entrust the most difficult and painstaking work to an experienced brigade of professionals, and let them worry about the condition of your building and bring it back to its best.

      Risk management

      All members of our team undergo special training and regularly improve their skills to effectively clean various types of drainage systems. Working at heights has its own characteristics, and we do not recommend homeowners to be exposed to unreasonable health risks.

      Mold Prevention

      Moisture and organic debris are a favorable environment for the growth of mold. This can be a real problem if you are not going to regularly clean the drainpipes. Mold is dangerous to your health and can cause infectious diseases in all residents of the house, especially children and the elderly.

      Fast service

      We carry out maintenance of the drainage system in one visit, so you get rid of a lot of trouble and have your house looking good as new in just 1 day!

      Drainage cleaning services

      We provide maintenance services for private homes, commercial and industrial buildings in Toronto (and most of the GTA):

      • Cleaning eaves and gutters. Purge services for drainage pipes must be carried out every fall and spring. Cleaning all pipes and gutters reduces the load on the drainage system and allows for the efficient distribution and dispersal of rainwater.
      • Remove construction waste in the gutter system. After construction and repair work, the drainage system is often clogged with waste, which can lead to flooding. Our team carries out cleaning of construction waste in the drainage system in a short time.
      • Checking the condition and repair of drain pipes, fasciae, and gutters. Our experts carry out a functional check of the pipes and test for damage and holes in the gutters. If necessary, we quickly repair the drain and install fences for the correct direction of water flows.
      • Washing the exterior of a home. With the change of seasons, and especially after storms, your home may look untidy and dirty. Spots, sticky leaves, dirty smudges, and caked on crud make your home look unkempt and uncamped for. We thoroughly wash the walls, external parts of pipes and other horizontal surfaces to a shine.
      • Cleaning of heavy pollution and hard-to-reach areas. Some parts of the house, such as ledges under the roof, gutters and pipe aisles, are places with particularly severe pollution. It is better to entrust the cleaning of hard-to-reach areas to experienced professionals who have the right tools and training. We even tidy up places you probably don’t know existed.
      • Purging of stagnant water. Stagnant water is a danger to pipe integrity because it freezes in the cold season and
        causes tears and gutters to break. Make sure your pipes are free and clean before the temperatures drop.

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